So I did it, I bought a camera. A Nikon D200 which has seen more than a little use, but was also a really good deal. Without a lens I can’t test if there are going to be any issues, so I’m on the lookout at local pawn shops.

I did my research and I thought this model would be sturdy enough to put up with me fumbling around. It also came with a spare battery. I read some reviews that the only issue was a lack of battery life, so hey, a spare. And it also came with four memory cards.

When I first picked up the box I was shocked at how heavy it is. This thing really feels like a camera in your hands. I feel like a real photographer having it hanging around my neck, it just looks silly without a lens. Sadly, the lenses even if I find them cheap are going to require a lot of saving, and I don’t have a lot of disposable income to play around with, so it is going to be more crappy phone and Canon shots for a little while longer.

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