Starting Point


Going back through all my old photos and plucking out what I consider to be the best. They are not very good quality at all and I can’t do much about that. However, they make a good starting point. Hopefully I can learn a few things then look back at them and see my improvement.

I am far and away from an expert photographer. I am drawn to nature and the reclamation of nature over human things, but also the common sunsets and waterfalls and pretty skies. Oh, and naturally my kids and critters. Most of my photos have focused there for a long time.

Now I want to try something different, things more thoughtful, more artistic. To actually study what makes a good photo, to learn and grow.

At the moment I have a digital Canon Powershot A510, and prior to that a Canon Sure Shot. What I would really like is a Nikon, but I’ll have to make due for awhile. Mm 3.2 megapixels. Yeah. I think my phone has a better resolution than that.

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